Student Support Time has been carefully designed to meet the needs of busy educators. We believe software should be easy to use, intuitive and make your job easier. Many schools implementing a “flex” period and looking for a solution for intervention, club meetings, and small group scheduling and attendance. Student Support Time is a customizable solution to fit your needs.

Covdi-19 Support: To support schools during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have updated our software to be more flexible and easier to use. Teachers can request students and provide online support in various ways. We have also made parent teacher conferences easier than ever. 

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Student Support Time is easy to use

Step 1

Teachers request students that may need reteaching or assistance in making up missing work.

Step 2

Students will receive email notification if they are requested by a teacher. They can also self-select an enrichment option.

Step 3

Administrators are able to see which students were requested, which attended, and resolve conflicts.


Intervention programs make an impact










In addition to managing academic intervention Student Support Time also provides other tools

Teacher Availability

Teachers indicate their availability (office hours) before and after school for meeting with student and/or parents.


Academic Resource Center

Teachers request times for students to utilize the resource center for test taking or assistance.


College Visit Sign Up

College visits are synced with Naivance or other calendar programs to allow students to sign-up for college visits.


After School Programs

Students enrolled or taking part in after school academic programs are notified and attandance tracked.



Wayzata High School

This software is extremely flexible; the developer is incredibly responsive and willing to build innovative products to provide new functionality in an on-going, future-focused manner. We have been very pleased with the support we have been provided and appreciate the collaboration that Student Support Time developers have dedicated to our school.

Woodbury High School

This software allows the impossible, for 100 staff members to individually communicate with 2000 students and track the students' attendance. It also captures ALL data we are looking for, which helps us know we are reaching hundreds of students at a time. It really does exactly what we need it to do.

Blaine High School

The software is extremely easy to use, provides data that we can act on, and the support provided by the company has been amazing. Our teachers love how it communicates with parents and students. It also works well with our existing software that our school and district are using.

Hopkins High School

It is fantastic. The software is easy to understand and the customer support is about as good as I've ever seen. It could be tailored so well to match our unique needs. We were able to train our teachers to use student support time in one meeting approximately 1 hour long.

Park High School

This software was so easy to integrate and use. We have saved time and paper by using this system. We have been able to hold more students accountable for their actions. Teachers have been able to support students better than ever before.